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It is with greatest pleasure to announce that Durban, South Africa based Kwaito pioneer Sandy B will be hearding to Denmark for Distortion Festival taking place from the end of May 2018. Sandy B's music is picking up on a global scale like wild fire. This singer and performer has won numerous awards and is known to be one of the experienced and forever energetic artists whose solo carreer started when he released a first ever Kwaito music album by a Durban artists. His timeless album AmaJovi Jovi was a big hit back then and has been recently re issued by a Canadian label Invisible Sound and gained another momentum but this time on a global level. His sound is unique and best for party goers across the world. His songs have been payed on BBC 1 and many top radio stations in UK, US and Africa. During is global tour Sandy B will perform his yesteyears timeless hits as well as some music from this other 5 albums. Sandy B has recently teamed up with Danish producer and Dj Simone Aha to produce the latest album. Be prepared to be blown away by some Kwaito songs which are the 1st to be ever produced by a Danish producer. These will take the world by storm for sure